Unique Services Provided By Allen’s Environmental

  • Packaged containerized plants for industrial & domestic water & wastewater treatment plants.
  • Design, build, finance & operation of structured utilities.
  • Large shop fabricated component plants that once
    assembled in the field will form a completed water or
    wastewater treatment plant.
  • Packaged sequencing batch reactors. The latest technology that
    employs computerized automated controls for energy efficiency
    & ease of operation.
  • Complete process-engineering support with many years of experience
    in plant design & pilot study research to assure the proper application of
    process to the specific treatment needs.
  • Providing construction material options in painted carbon steel, concrete,
    stainless steel or fiberglass fused to steel.
  • Manufacturing of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment for brackish or salt water treatment.
  • Provision of complete co-generation power plants to serve resorts & developments.
  • Specializing in island resort utility provisioning & operations of utility assets.